Pain of Love part 3


Her naked hips and lips were a wild toboggan ride for the young man. Grayne started at her mouth. Her plump lips always seemed to be pouting and she gave his fingertip a soft kiss as it passed. With a single digit, he traced a wiggling meandering line from her chin and down her neck.

From there his finger’s path began an uphill journey. Grayne took his time as his finger slowly traversed the fullness of her right breast. He pretended his index and middle finger were a tired traveler attempting to reach the summit of some dangerous mountain. Once the digits reached the summit, it has a quick ride to the bottom of the other side. He was quick not to forget the other hillscape as his fingers made a quicker ascent and descent of her perfect left breast. The fall of his finger was followed by a trip across her rib cage and then it took a gentle creamy downward turn and then a sudden dip and a drastic rise as the slope crested to the beautiful pinnacle that was her ample hip. Summer giggled and grabbed his hand. “Stop it,” she begged with a pout of her plump pink lips. “You know I’m ticklish!”

The pungent fragrance of sweaty love-making mixed with the aroma of burning wood filled the small cottage. A single bed took up a large portion of the one-room chalet, and two young lovers’ naked bodies were splayed across the bed in the aftermath of passion. The fireplace added to the heat of their lovemaking.

Grayne tried to hide his grin. He pursed his lips tight to avoid showing his teeth. “I remember my father and I built a wheel sled, when I was a kid”, Grayne said, quickly changing the subject and staring into Summer’s deep green eyes that squinted back at him with a hint of confusion. “You know, you put small wagon wheels on a sheet of wood and race down a hill?” he said as his finger sped off her hip and down her thighs like an imaginary wheel sled.

Summer brushed her curly red hair out of her face and smiled at her lover. He smiled at her and said, “I think I love you, Summer.”

“You know what I think, Grayne?” she said swinging her bare leg over him and climbing on top of him as if he were a stallion in need of breaking. “I think I want you again.” She plunged her fingers into his thick curly brown hair and pushed his face into her chest. Before Grayne took her breasts in his mouth he paused to say, “The Starks have it all wrong. It’s Summer that’s coming, not Winter.”

She groaned as she enjoyed the sensation of his mouth on her breast and she took him in. She gasped as pleasure filled her and radiated upwards to every part of her body. Tingling with exctasy she managed to breathe the words, “Shut up, Grayne. You talk too much.”

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