Toby goes home.

Image  Hi, my name is Toby. I’m a retired racing greyhound and I lived at Northern Greyhound Adoptions in St. Albans, VT for years. I had a home, but I was surrendered because my owner didn’t have time for me. In the past few years, I have had two families adopt me, but they brought me back because I have “issues”. Evidently me tearing apart the house and barking for hours when left alone is “frowned upon.”

  The kennel isn’t bad. I see many dogs come in and spend months, or even years, there before they pick someone to take them home. It gets loud sometimes, but I’m used to it. There are people that come to the kennel and let us out into the yard for bathroom breaks. Sometimes people come to take us for walks around town.

  I have known this one guy for three years. He comes to the kennel once or twice a week and lets me (and everyone else) out for potty breaks. If it’s hot out; he’s there. Cold out; he’s there. Snow, sleet, hail and lightning don’t stop this guy! He always brings treats, and sometimes I even get a special chewie. He’s a pretty good guy.

  I often thought he’d make a good person to live with, but he already had a dog. I could smell the boy-dog on his clothes. I always thought this dog was very lucky to have such a loving owner. I was content to enjoy our weekly time together.

  Then one day, this guy takes me out of the kennel and into his vehicle. We go to his home and I wonder if I will get to meet Andy (that’s his dog-friend’s name). We arrive and I explore his house. We sit on the couch and eventually go to sleep in his big bed! It’s a dream come true and I wonder when it will end.

  Everyone brings me back eventually.

  I met the two cats that live there. They seem nice, but a bit nervous. Days pass and I don’t see his dog. I smell him everywhere; the couch, the floor, the bed, and all over the yard. Sometimes I see the guy and his face gets all red and water pours out of his eyes. I know he is sad, but there isn’t much I can do. He simply pets me and sometimes he hugs me, and he stops being sad.

  I feel sad sometimes when he leaves. I cry a little, but he has always come back in the past. Even if it takes days, he has always come back. In his house he is only gone a few hours and he leaves the televison on for me. I feel more relaxed than I have in the past. I have yet to tear the place up.

  It’s been a week and he doesn’t seem to be as sad as he was. He did seem upset when I pooped on the rug, but he just laughed, shook his head, and cleaned it up. Maybe he will learn the subtle nuances of the cues that I need to go out.

  He helped me by taking me home with him. I feel good living in his house and sleeping in his bed. As much as I’m glad to be home and that he made my life better, I can’t help but feel like he needed me more than I needed him. Silly, huh?

  Thanks, other-dog, wherever you are. I’ll take care of him until you can see him again. I know I’m finally home.Image

12 thoughts on “Toby goes home.

  1. This made me cry! Thanks for sharing your story Toby!!! It may have took a little longer but that’s because you took a while to pick your home and your special dad! It melts my heart that you are happy and sleeping in a warm comfy bed instead of the kennel! Enjoy every moment!

  2. I’m crying too. For the new owner’s loss of Andy and for Toby’s wish come true. I bet Andy is happy with his owner’s choice. What a beautiful story and I wish them many happy years together.

  3. Thank you for making Toby a part of your life. There is nothing more special than a special needs greyhound (or dog). I have had 3. I will always have one in my home along with the others. I am sorry for your loss of Andy! This story made me cry cry with sadness and joy!

  4. Reading this with tears in my eyes. Jan, I don’t think we’ve ever met, but I think I know this sweet Toby and thank you from the heart for being his person and taking him home. Wishing you both years of happiness.

  5. I worked with Toby quite a bit this past year. He and I developed a good bond, but I was worried that we were getting too close, since I’m graduating in the spring and leaving VT. Toby brought so much love to all the UVM students he visited every Friday, and he will be missed. But this is the happiest ending I could have wished for him. Thank you for giving everyone’s favorite greyhound a wonderful home!

    1. Thanks! Toby is adjusting with light-speed to his role as house pet. I can’t speak for his other adopters, but their loss is my gain. Thanks for loving him when you had the chance, and for your kind words.

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