You might think it funny,

but this little bunny

loves to bounce back and forth;

  maybe south, sometimes north.

  Always jumping up and down

     makes it difficult to frown.

Hippity hop to and fro’.

Just rabbit stuff, y’know?

Quietly eating grass,

nobody to harass.

Hopping over brush,

there ain’t no rush

Wiggling my small black nose.

it’s true that anything goes.

I see you up there.

It’s a most unfair

advantage from your claws

and me with only paws.

You think I’m your prey

most easy to slay

Afterall, I’m just a mark,

we all know hares have no bark

Sad for you

but it’s true

I’m a buck

with some luck.

Y’see, I’m quite tough to beat,

for I have four rabbits feet.

You should brace yourself

in the race for health.

Four paws are the springs

that will beat two wings.

With a jump off that rock

And a flip off you, hawk.

This coney’s no bore.

He knows parkour.

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